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Spring cleaning

 In April,  I decided to step down from Red Hat where I had spent about the past 14 years. This will not be retirement but it will be the opportunity to step back into the analyst business and to otherwise pursue projects of my interest and liking. I'll still have a heavy emphasis on open source software, especially at the infrastructure level but I will be following and working on hardware and software innovations more broadly. Over time, I'll be reflecting on some of the changes and evolution of the IT industry both expected and less so. But that's for another day. Going forward, this blog will serve as the main site/blog for my technology analysis. My existing Connections blog will serve as an archive for my technology writing, podcasts, and so forth in addition to being where I'll post on non-technology related topics going forward. My first project that I'm sharing is a short book I've writen, and which soft-launched a while back about the Intel Itanium pro

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